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February 28th 08, 02:54 AM
My guys usually destroy their toys within a week except for the laser
and climbing tree

Da Bird - went over great, lasted abt a month

Panic Mouse - again abt a month they bit right through the string (too
expensive to be broken that quickly)

Peek a prize Toy Box - haven't tried it, what are your experiences?

Pole Kat Pole - again haven't tried it, your experiences?

Also Rudy loves catnip Moe wants nothing to do with it I've heard
valerian root (that stinks) or honey suckle can get the same response,
anybody try that?

I know enough to rotate the toys

they have one that has a ball around the outside they can't get and
the inside they tear up it's card board and you buy cheap replacements

also have a 2 tiered thingie they can get in, or sit on top of, has
sling on it to

and the fuzzy mice too....they don't like those bags that jump around,
they get scared

I'm trying to keep them entertained a bored cat can be a destructive
cat. One person doesn't seem to be enough to keep 2 cats happy.


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Rene S.
February 28th 08, 02:16 PM
FYI: There are refills available for Da Bird. If you store it away
when you are not using with the cats, it should last longer.

Here are some cheap ideas:

Ping pong balls in the bathtub
A cardboard box with a few holes cut into it
Wads of paper or til foil to bat around
Larger glitter balls (NOT small ones, they might ingest)
Paper bag (with handles cut off)
Tissue box with a toy stuffed inside

I don't spend a lot of money on toys. My theory is, the more you spend
on it, the less likely they are to play with it! Rotate what you put
out every few days so it's always "new" to them.