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March 5th 08, 05:46 PM
Well, not new to cats but have a cat again for the first time in almost 8
years. Military and was overseas and I am not the type to adopt a pet then
have to give them up.

I had 2 previously who lived to a ripe old age, and 2 rescue kitties I
fostered for a time til I found them new homes. So, not clueless, just
forgetful here!

It's been a bit since I've done the shot routines. My new cat (Daisy) is
estimated to be born about June 2005, found pregnant and half starved about
June 2006, was slated for extermination when she was rescued but due to
various problems (medical and behavior), has only just now been adopted. In
fact, I think she adopted us <grin>.

She's had rabies shots and the feline leukemia. She's been neutered (sadly,
while with kitten). She's had ear problems (mites, possible ear yeast
problem too). I note no distemper shots. I recall getting them, then 1
booster set (possibly a later followup around age 2?) with my 'Face' and
'Roscoe' kitties.

Daisy has a vet visit, on the 20th with our Dog Cash. I know the vet will
have more info on the ears and such, just looking for general reminders

Oh, if wondering, her 'behavior' problems were due to apparent abuse? They
are not sure. She was terrified of kids but took right away to Charlotte
(14). She was extremely shy and didnt take to many folks but once used to a
home, was a very sweet lapkitty per her foster parents (she's had several).
She took to Charlotte for a belly rub at first sight. She hides from
everyone else. So, she sorta adopted us <g>. Cash and her were both in
multi cat-dog places and if there is such as a '10' for adaption to the
other type, they both have it.

March 6th 08, 03:40 PM
Your vet will tell you what shots but best of luck with Daisy. You sound
like a great pet owner!


March 7th 08, 02:52 AM
"Barb" wrote

> Your vet will tell you what shots but best of luck with Daisy. You sound
> like a great pet owner!

I hope so Barb and thanks! I'm a little concerned about her ears because
while I can see nothing to the eye, she's shaking her head a bit and
scritchin' a bit at the area below them. She was treated 2 days ago with a
vet (not OTC) medication as part of a monthy routine.

Unlike dogs of which I am a neophyte (but doing ok and my hubby says my
instincts are right as I react to various things), I know cats fairly well.
This 'itching' of the ears is not outrageous but not normal either.

I've put in a call to see if I can get her an earlier vet appointment. It
may however just be 'stress' due to new home. Next thought is she may have
developed an allergy to the current meds for her ears.

There is nothing odd looking inside the ears. The only thing 'odd' is she
wants to join the family faster than expected but due to an intall of a new
bathtub, has to be restricted tonight. She has a safe room but does not
desire to use it after a mere 2 days. (we will maintain it with a gate for
at least a month then judge if just the high spaces suit her so the dog can
access that area too. Stictly taboo for him now even if she isnt in there!)

March 7th 08, 03:53 PM
She might have ear mites. That is easily treated with two doses of medicine
a few weeks apart. There has to be 2 doses.


March 7th 08, 10:18 PM
"Matthew" > wrote in message
> ear mites
> they make a multi advantage that takes care of heartworm, ear mites, tape
> worm, ticks and fleas you give it every 30 days
> but you will have to get the currect infestation treated

That was first thought but nothing apparent, and she's been getting treated
monthly for that. Just got treated the day we picked her up. I'm looking
and now thinking she may have an allergy to the medicine. It's stopped
after a day or so.