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March 10th 08, 02:19 AM
<IChewedThroughMyRestraints_HelpMePryTheBarsOffTheW > wrote
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> IChewedThroughMyRestraints_HelpMePryTheBarsOffTheW indow wrote:
> HOWEDYwilliam clodius you pathetic miserable
> stinkin animal murderin punk thug coward active
> accute chronic life long incurable malignant maliciHOWES
> mental case,

Dang! Looks like I have to update my newsreader kill-file. Mr. Howe has
changed his newsgroup handle. The "IChewedThroughMyRestraints..." message
snuck through.

Unfortunately, I think he scares many people off of this list (and those
other lists that he crossposts to), as evidenced by the observation that he
is responsible for 90% of the recent postings.