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March 12th 08, 11:56 PM
http://www.skunklaw.com I am trying to rally support for laws in
Illinois to be changed. My
brother got us a pet skunk for a wedding gift. What a strange thing,
huh? After contacting my vet to get all of the appropriate shots I
learned that skunks are illegal in Illinois. As it turns out, every
in Illinois results in the killing of the skunk involved. There is an
open year round hunting season. Conservation officers and animal
control officers are ordered to have any skunk they are confronted
killed. Even wildlife rehabbers can lose their license for helping an
injured skunk. In Illinois, genocide is the only way.
I am seeking to have the current prohibition policy amended to allow a
conservative permit policy allowing citizens to have a domestic (pen
raised not wild) skunk as a pet.
Pet skunks are allowed in Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin and Kentucky, but
must be killed in Illinois. Every legislator I talk to wishes me the
best and says they will support it, but none will write a bill. This
may sound off of the wall to most of you, but it means life or
death to a member of my family. www.skunklaw.com

March 13th 08, 01:54 AM
I hate to even respond to this post.

I have to ask you why you are posting to a cat health and behavior
group when you are looking for help with a pet skunk?

Skunks have a notorious reputation for their bad smell and for being
carriers of rabies.

However, skunks are also some of the most gentle creatures known to
mankind and most people don't ever get to know that side of the skunk.

A descented skunk makes a wonderful pet.

There are many, many, many websites dealing with exactly the issue you
are looking for answers to... a cat forum for cat health and behavior
is the very least likely place you should be looking at.

There are several groups in Illinois (that even I am entirely aware
of) that deal specifically with the issues you are addressing and can
offer you a whole lot more help than a cat forum can.

Try starting out by typing in the search box, "Illinoise pet skunks"
and you will, just from that, get quite a lot of information.

Thanks and I wish you luck.


March 13th 08, 10:55 AM
I posted here because people who love and own animals are more likely
to be open minded to hearing the truth about skunks as pets. Like you
mentioned in your post, they have a bad reputation, but most of it is
not fact based. The wild skunks are a rabies vector but they are not
likely to retransmit it (they cannot carry it without it killing
them). However, domestic pet skunks have never had a single case of
rabies acording to the US CDC. And of course I am only talking about
farm raised domestic skunks. Nobody is wanting to take a wild animal
out of its' home. Also skunks are not all black and white. They can
be many other colors like grey, champaigne, chocolate, all white,
silver and even swirled instead of striped.
As you can gather, I am not looking for answers, I am looking for a
few people who will help. Many people say good luck, or I hope you do
well, but in reality, that does nothing. If I can get 1000 or 2000
people to sign a petition and a couple hundred people to send emails
or letters to lawmakers, then I can get them to change the laws.
Skunks are not rich and do not have a large marketing department or
budget, there is no big company backing us, so I have to come up with
as many cheap ways to reach people as possible.
Thanks for the luck you wished me,
PS there is no e on the end of Illinois, and the s is silent. Thanks

March 13th 08, 03:01 PM
Oops... you are correct, I mispelled Illionois... <chuckles> Believe
me, I do know how to say it correctly though... <chuckle> I am
originally from Iowa, it is the same with Des Moines.

Quite a few years ago I entertained the idea of having a pet skunk. I
would still like to have one. However, at this time, I fear I have far
too much going on in my life to even really consider it. My husband
has a chronic progressive illness and we have a lot of work over here
with the house and land.

We need to get this place together and then sell it. Move to something
more doable for us at this time.

Those are just some of the reasons I might not jump on the bandwagon
to help with the cause.

However, I know it is a good cause.

I will do my best to get some of the info together that I still have.
I always try to educate people about skunks, because they truly are
wonderful creatures.