View Full Version : Cat Urine and Black Lights

March 15th 08, 02:24 AM
I haven't seen this posted yet... but perhaps I can do a search.

I am wondering if black lights really truly work in finding kitty
urine in places we otherwise might not be aware of.

I had gotten on the Internet awhile back and saw this suggestion, so I
got one today at Wal-mart.

Do they really work?

The reason I ask is that I checked around the house tonight and found
a single spot where it appears one or more cat(s) may have urinated.
However, when I specifically checked out their litter box the light
picked up nothing, even while there was some urine in the litterbox.

Also, I know there is a urine spot in our family room from a time
period of several years ago when a different cat we had was having a
problem. The spot somehow seeped through the wall paneling and can be
seen on the other side of the paneling where a closet is located.
There was enough urine there that you can see the damage, even though
it was very much cleaned up at the time.

So, with all that said, are all black lights equal, so to speak? I
knew I should have picked up the one at the pet store today while I
was there...

Thanks for any thoughts on this...