View Full Version : Thanks to those who helped. :-) I appreciate it very much.

March 18th 08, 10:21 PM
Excluding, of course, ....the McNasty Cyber-PUSS..and old Matt aka
Scrooge who seems to have had his cage severely rattled. Ach, at least
he's awake now with, hopefully a little red stuff flowing.
Matt, whenever things just HAPPEN to go tits-up with
your PC..............think of ME, laddie. 'Cos I'll be thinking
of you when it DOES!!!! You have been around this group too long,
Happy surfing, sucker. Enjoy while it lasts. :-)

Aug 24 2006 by Matthew (one of your first posts, 'ole Matt. )
*Calling in sick to work makes me uncomfortable.
No matter how legitimate my excuse, I always get
the feeling that my boss thinks I'm lying.*

....and you have been a naughty boy in the past, haven't you, Matthew?
Doing a bit of morphing, have you? WOW! I would have said you were
incapable of doing that...intelligence-wise!! Just goes to show....you
gotta have SOMETHING, Matt.
I'll be around....if you need me.

March 19th 08, 10:21 AM
On Mar 18, 11:04 pm, "Matthew" > wrote:
> "sandy58" > wrote in message
> ...
> <snipped for being posted by a twit>
> GOOGLE is your friend try it sometimes maybe you can learn something
> instead of your foot going in your mouth

Guess who's going to know all about "feet" & "mouths". :-)