View Full Version : The seminal fluid may "catch up with" unexpectedly comes out?

March 20th 08, 11:41 AM
The seminal fluid may "catch up with" unexpectedly comes out?

Mr. Huang all alone works in the south, for various reasons, did not
have the girlfriend, the sex life to depend on "the hand" basically.
Recently, under friend's introduction, he has made a girlfriend
finally. In the love young people, always with difficulty resist the
forbidden fruit the enticement. However, Mr. Huang sexual affection,
lacked most essence part - - each time him to be able to erect very
smoothly and to enter girlfriend in vivo, the erection condition can
also insist period of time, but could not semination. The penis in the
futile effort pulls out inserts slowly voluntarily worn out, does not
experience "the high tide which" comes with semination accompanying.
The so like chewing wax sexual affection, Mr. Huang unsatisfied did
not say that the girlfriend also discontent has mind filled
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