View Full Version : do you think cats cry real tears?? ( I found an article and wanted to share)

March 22nd 08, 12:38 PM
today when I heard my cat whine or cry I researched if cats cry , since I was
bored and not really sure plus it interests me. and it came up with this
article http://cats.about.com/od/faqsbehavior/f/tears.htm

which reads as

Q. Does a cat cry real tears?
From Franny Syufy,
Your Guide to Cats.
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What does anyone know about cats silently crying real tears? This was
mentioned in an article in the local paper several years ago by a
journalist/cat lover and owner (I think the cat owned her from the sounds of
the article!).
A. Interesting question. I hadn't read the article you referenced, of course,
but I have my own opinions about "cats crying."
Cats' eyes will "tear" or water for a number of reasons, but they are all
medical, not emotional. They include eye irritation from a speck of dust, a
scratch from another cat, or allergy. They also include contagious diseases,
such as upper respiratory infections. Clogged tear ducts (believe it or not)
can also result in tearing.

While cats certainly do have emotions such as grieving or depression, they
express them in different ways other than crying (lethargy, withdrawal,
disinterest in food are a few examples.)

This is just my opinion, of course. I find this question so interesting that
I'm going to post it in my FAQ section, and wait to see if some expert will
refute it with scientific data.


Several years after writing this FAQ, I still have not seen any scientific
proof that cats cry in an emotional way.


March 22nd 08, 04:11 PM
On Mar 22, 7:38 am, "pipper1232002" <[email protected]> wrote:
> today when I heard my cat whine or cry I researched if cats cry , since I was

I don't think cats can cry because they do not have tear ducts like
people do; but I am absolutely sure that they experience grief.

It is an interesting question. Perhaps they cry in other ways.