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March 26th 08, 07:57 AM

In any recipe calling for herbs, use fresh herbs. Preparing the herbs
for your dish is easy. The more tender herbs like mint, parsley, basil
and cilantro can be gathered in a bowl and snipped with scissors. This
is the fastest and safest way to chop the herbs. If your recipe calls
for the more hardy herbs like oregano, rosemary, or thyme you should
use the stripping method.

Hold a branch of the herb upright in your
fingers and run the fingers of your other hand down the stalk
stripping the tiny leaves free. The flavor will be more intense if you
have gathered the herbs from your herb gardens or container gardens
because they will be absolutely the freshest herbs available.

The best way to have fresh herbs is to plant and grow them yourself.No
longer is there a designated "herb garden". They can be found in your
flower beds, along walkways or in pots on your porch. Many
ambitious gardeners are finding new ways to.......... more,

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