View Full Version : Health-care insurance gaps affect all of us

March 31st 08, 03:01 AM
WASHINGTON -- Maria Gomez knows firsthand the devastation that can hit
families who don't have health insurance.

Gomez is chief executive of Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Care
in Washington, D.C. The clinic serves Latinos who have no insurance or
are underinsured.

The fact that 47 million people -- 9 million children -- are uninsured
has been one of the top issues in the presidential campaign. Equally
troubling is this statistic: The lack of health-care coverage is most
acute among Hispanics and African Americans, many of whom work in low-
wage jobs without benefits or are employed by small businesses that
don't offer coverage.

"Things are getting worse," Gomez said. "What we are seeing is a lot
of people coming in who cannot qualify for government programs."