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March 31st 08, 05:44 AM
Of curse, the fastest way to get ANY child or
is to tell them THEY CAN'T DO THAT <{}: ~ ) >

Perhaps your daddy wasn't the ignorameHOWES you thought??


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> >>> I believe our encylopedia was EB also, they were orange in color, and
> >>>from the 60's.
> >> My father's parents bought us a World Book. I loved that
> >> thing.
> > My folks got the Encyclopedia Americana. It got me started on a lot of
> > reports in grade school, and after. I was also one of the "look it up"
> > generation.
> > Fur
> If my father caught me reading a book, he found more work for me to do. He
> considered reading to be a waste of time. Didn't matter if there was no
> *real* work that needed to be done. He'd invent something, some physical
> labor, if he caught me reading a book. I used to hide behind the garage to
> read. Or on the roof of the grocery store behind our house. I think that's
> why I joined numerous book clubs once I turned 18. Now that I think about
> it, I'm sure it must have really ****ed him off that the job I got when I
> graduated from high school, was at the public libarary. I loved working
> there. A friend told me about a civil service test for the library job.
> Yup, I'm sure the old man was ****ed. ;-)
> td