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March 31st 08, 05:59 AM
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> > >> I believe our encylopedia was EB also, they were orange in color, and
> > >>from the 60's.
> > > My father's parents bought us a World Book. I loved that
> > > thing.
> > My folks got the Encyclopedia Americana.
> Who remembers Compton's?

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- 16k -

> I found one once at a garage sale, and spent a good hour or so flipping
> through it. Didn't buy it, but I was very taken with the way some of the
> entries were presented.I don't know that I'd accept it as an authority on
> anything, but it seems to me that a lot of thought went into making the
> topics reasonably simple to read (I want to say "dumbed-down," but that
> isn't really fair), yet still accurate....

Sez you?

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