View Full Version : What? You're Still Stinking The House Out With Cat Litter? Are YouNUTS?

Guru Spy
April 1st 08, 06:15 PM
According to a recent survey, 69% of cat owners report that their
cat's litter tray is the worst part about actually owning a cat.

Hard to argue with that.

This statistic also explains why a further 45% of cat owners find the
presence of a cat litter tray to be embarrassing when having guests
over to their respective houses.

Who the hell wants a cat litter tray stinking the place out anyway?
Not me!

Since smelly litter boxes can be a source of major embarrassment for
all cat owners, some have taken to hiding away the litter box to avoid
these situations.

-- One-quarter of cat owners place their cat's litter box in the
-- 23 percent of owners stick the litter box in the basement.
-- 8 percent go so far as to hide the litter box in the closet!

Despite their best efforts, one in five cat owners report that they've
been embarrassed in front of guests because of their cat's litter box

The days of hiding the litter box are over, because Odor Alert
six times more baking soda. Arm & Hammer baking soda eliminates odors
contact so litter boxes stay fresh.

"As a cat owner, I know firsthand what a dilemma the litter box can
I'm constantly hunting for clumps or changing the entire box because I
can't locate the source of odor," says PetStyle.com contributor and
lifestyle expert, Jill Cordes.

What Jill really needs is the ability to train her cat to use the
toilet, like
thousands upon thousands of cat owners are beginning to do.

Where in the past we put such training into the dog category, it is
evidently clear that cats are just as capable of learning new
habits such as using a real toilet to do their business.

Not only does this save time, but also money in would-be cat litter
top ups
and other air refreshers and carpet cleaning bills.

Of course, it's not easy to toilet train a cat unless you have the
expert guidance.
Problem is, cat training experts cost a small fortune. Don't worry,
there is an alternative.

Toilet training cats can actually be very simple and quick to master.
All it takes is some expert cat training knowledge on your side, and
soon you'll be competing for the porcelain throne before work each
day! However, you DO NOT need to waste time learning the secrets of
the expert cat trainers...

Check out http://trustusreviews.com/cattoilettraining and you'll see
the exact same cat toliet training program that I used to have my cat
king of the toilet in less than a week (and no, I am not an expert cat

I'm NOT kidding, if you don't believe cat toilet training is possible,
check out the video whilst you're there. You'll be amazed at what you
can get a cat to do!