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April 9th 08, 03:50 PM
HOWEDY (the)duckster,

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>> My 9 pound female terrier mix screeches uncontrollably
>> whenever we are in the car. Nothing shuts her up (muzzle,
>> getting sprayed with water, treats, etc).
>> As we arrive at our destination and I begin to slow
>> down, the screeching becomes ear shattering.
>> What can I do??

Sharon could PRAISE her dog and she'd quieten down
NEARLY INSTANTLY, wouldn't you agree, ducky?

>> Thanks, Sharon

> At nine pounds, I would think your dog
> could fit into a carrier for travel.

Permit me to introduce myself, ducky <{}: ~ ) >

I'm The_800_Pound_Gorilla_In_The_Room <{}';~ ) >

I did *NOT* come here to ATTACK you.

UNLIKE some posters here, I WILL NOT cite your own
posted case history of your own hysterical dog whom
you force to WEAR DIAPERS and give IT ANTI-
PSYCHOTIC medications and lock IT in a box and
ignore ITS cries.

Nor will I cite your posted case history of incurable
drunkeness and dismal failure in A.A.

Gorilla mommys an daddys raise their children
better than to EMBARRASS and INSULT folks
LIKE THAT, ducky <{}: ~ ) >

CONtrary to pupular belief, Gorillas are generally shy and
retiring; although I cannot speak for ALL Gorillas, we usually
prefer a veggie diet but some *(depending on their parenting)
will occasionally indulge in MEAT *(yuk!) and MOST of us
engage in frequent polygamous SEX **(Yummy~!).

I'll just gather some fresh soft leaves and make myself a nest
in the corner of your livin room here and you're welcome to
ignore me. I'll just keep quietly to myself <{}'; ~ ) >

Care for a bananna?

> Perhaps once confined,

Locking your own dog in a crate is how come he GOES
INSANE and ****es all over your house, ducky. House
breaking is INSTINCTIVE at four weeks of age in doggys,
ducky, therefore, if your doggy is havin housebreakin
problems it's on accounta he's GOIN INSANE from you
abusin IT.

> with treats,

Offering treats often REINFORCES bad doggy and human
baby behaviors, ducky. Gorilla mommys an daddys learn to
PAY ATTENTION to the NEEDS of their children and GIVE
AFFECTION instead of anti-psychotic medications, locking
them in boxes and a COOKIE:

"Despite Skinner's clear denunciation of "negative
reinforcement" (1958) NEARLY EVER LEARNING
THEORY model involves the USE OF PUNISHMENT.
Of curse, Skinner has never to my knowledge, demonstrated
HOWE we escape the phenomenon that an expected
reward not received is experienced as a punishment
and can produce extensive and persistent aggression
(Azrin et al, 1966)."

"The IMBECILITY of some of the claims for operant
technique simply take the breath away. Lovas et al
(1966) report a standard contingent reward/punishment
procedure developing imitative speech in two severly
disturbed non verbal schizophrenic boys. After twenty-
six days the boys are reported to have been learning
new words with alacrity. HOWEver, when REWARDS
were moved to a delayed contingency the behavior and
learning immediately deteriorated."

Sam Corson, Pavlov's Last Student Demonstrated At
UofOH, That Rehabilitation Of Hyperactive Dogs Can
Easily And Readily Be Done Using TLC. Tender Loving
Care Is At The Root Of The Scientific Management Of
Doggys. <{) ; ~ ) >

"Postitive emotions arising in connection
with the perfection of a skill, irrespective
of its pragmatic significance at a given
moment, serve as the reinforcement. IOW,
emotions, not outside rewards, are what
reinforces any behavior," Ivan Pavlov.

"All animals learn best through play." -- Konrad Lorenz

> her blankie, kong w/pb might help the ride be more pleasant.

That's ABSURD, ducky. Dogs havin PAINICK ATTACKS
DO NOT PLAY with TOYS or accept TREATS <{}: ~ ( >

> Once confined, as another good poster noted,

That was diddler, the EXXXPERT TRAINER who's own
dog DIED from GETTIN SHOCKED for BARKIN, remember?

> ear plugs and a long ride. Sing her a song, toss in a treat.

THAT'S INSANE, ducky. No WONder how come your dog
is ****tin an ****in all over your house and wearin diapers and
taking ANTI-PSYCHOTIC medications <{}: ~ ( >

> Make it a positive experience.

O.K., we'll try THAT with you, ducky <{}: ~ ) >

> Spraying her in the face with water I'm not sure is a good idea.

You're not sure, ducky? Well then, THAT EXXXPLAINS
how come your own dog is GOIN INSANE, don't it, ducky.

Here's The_800_Pound_Gorilla_In_The_Room's FREE training manual:
http://relinkz.com/The_800_Pound_Gorilla_In_The_Room's_Training_Manua l

> Kind regards,

LikeWIZE <{}: ~ ) >

> (the)duckster

In Love And Light,
I Remain Respectfully, Humbly Yours,
The_800_Pound_Gorilla_In_The_Room <{}'; ~ ) >