View Full Version : Thieves!!! And other stuff

April 13th 08, 07:48 PM
We've been letting Hunter roam around in DH's office when DH is in there
noodling around on his computer - for a change of scenery from that one
little bedroom and some time to bond with DH. The last time I brought him
in there I didn't close his bedroom door firmly enough. When I walked by
again, 2 minutes later the door was wide open. I reached in and closed it,
not thinking much of it, then I walked downstairs to my bedroom. There,
caught red-pawed in the act, was Archer and Ozzy with Hunter's feather
toy!!! Since Hunter won't play with it, and because I let Hunter have some
of their toys, I let the little thieves have it to play with.

We just went to Home Depot and bought a cheap, unfinished folding door to
put at the end of the upstairs hall. This will allow Hunter to have the
three upstairs bedroom, the bathroom and the hall to roam in so he won't be
so confined. The $30 for the door was, I think, worth it because the poor
boy will be confined up there for at least 3 months and if *I* had to stay
in that one little bedroom 24/7 I'd be stir crazy long before that.

We finally got the tom cat pee odor out of the house. The Sherpa bag is
still iffy - it's still out on the deck and we've soaked it three times with
"Nature's Miracle" and some other pet odor neutralizer. My truck may be a
total loss since the pee soaked way down into my cloth seats - we couldn't
find a buyer for it now if we sold it for $100! The "Stink Away" (better
than "Nature's Miracle" IMHO) says you have to let it dry completely after
soaking it good, so I'm hoping it's just not dry yet - but OMG my truck

The bedroom where Hunter is confined was HORRID smelling when we tried using
the "Yesterday's Mews" litter (since he has to have dust-free litter for 7
days after his surgery), so we tried the "Tidy Cat" crystals and they are
FANTASTIC! You can just about tick your nose in the box and still can't
smell that distinctive tom pee odor (a combination of rotting onions, rotten
eggs, and dead putrefied skunk).




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