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April 17th 08, 10:11 PM
The dogs are dominant. That's the soul of this issue. You haven't
established yourself as the dominant one, and as such, they're not
going to listen to you.

I would start with some basic obedience training. This will not only
teach basic obedience commands, but will also establish your

When walking the dogs, you need to maintain your pack leader status.
When the dog gets excited and pulls, you need to break the
concentration by correcting her. A quick jerk of the leash (to the
side), a bump sideways, etc. If she becomes distracted by something
and wants to stop or pulls in another direction, you keep walking
straight. The pack leader doesn't stop because the submissive dog
wants to sniff a bush.

For the dog refusing to walk, again, you need to establish dominance.
She doesn't follow you because she doesn't have to - she's the boss.

A great resource that I haven't seen posted here is http://effectivedogtraining.net
They have all sorts of posts about dog training and dominance issues.