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April 18th 08, 08:13 PM
Hi Everyone

Kitten Action is in a state of crisis and we really need to make some
drastic and immediate changes if we are to continue. At present, we
are running the organisation on about R2000 a month in donations but
we need at least R10 000. That means that Mandy and I have to pick up
the balance of the accounts ourselves, which we can no longer afford
to do. We have run out of all lines of credit and cannot continue to
do our work without the support of the cat-loving community. The phone
at the sanctuary has been cut off and we are once again threatened
with having the water and electricity cut off. We have had to close
the cattery section of the sanctuary because we simply can't afford to
keep it running. But all is not doom and gloom! There are MANY ways
that you can help. Here is a (long) list of areas where we need
support. Please read this and circulate to your friends who might find
a way to support us.

Our most immediate concern is reconnecting the telephone and
preventing the electricity and water being cut off. We need R5500. If
anyone can make a contribution towards this, please contact me or make
a deposit into our bank account (details below). Please put your
cellphone number as the reference.
We have over 100 permanent residents. If they all get sponsored at
R100 a month, our financial problems would be solved! To sponsor a
shelter cat, set up a debit order on your account and send me an
email. Our bank details are: Standard Bank, PlusPlan account, Name of
account: Kitten Action Branch code: 04 57 26 Account no. 25-668-700-5.
I will send you an email with the details of the cat that you have
sponsored and a picture. Some of the cats can be viewed on our website
www.kittenaction.org.za . The sponsorship link is currently not
working so please just liaise with me
We have 9 adult cats who are waiting for spays and neuters. They
cannot be released into the sanctuary until they are sterilised so at
the moment they are in cages. If you or your company can sponsor a
spay/ neuter, please contact me via email.
Closing the cattery means that we will be reverting to a foster parent
centred organisation. This is better for the kittens as they grow up
in a home environment and get lots of love and attention. Although
it's autumn, we still have many calls each day about kittens needing
rescuing. Being a foster parent is amazingly rewarding and is a very
special experience. It is perfect for people who aren't allowed to
keep cats permanently, people who want their children to experience
the miracle of birth or cat-lovers who have reached their cat
capacity. Call Mandy 082 555 0727 for more info.
Every month, we use a minimum of 120kg of Hills, Iams or Royal Canin.
We also use 360 tins of Pamper and Lucky Pet a month. The cats are fed
chicken mince which is mixed with 50 kg of rice a month. If anyone can
donate any of the above items, please contact me for a drop-off point
in your area.
We wash 300 bowls a day, clean 50 litter trays and do MANY loads of
washing. We need donations of dishwashing liquid, Jik, Handy Andy,
automatic machine washing powder (for top loaders) and softener.
We need help manning the stand at Essenwood Market. It is an excellent
fundraising venue, and serves to raise public awareness about Kitten
Action, what kittens we have available and the need for sterilisation.
We have many kittens looking for homes. If your friends are looking
for a kittens, please refer them to us rather than supporting breeders
and pet shops.
Ask your local supermarket, library, school etc if they will put up a
poster for Kitten Action. The posters can be sent via email.
We need paving stones to pave the disabled cat garden so that their
space is more cat-friendly and easier to clean.
We need a handyman to help finish the extensions to the cat garden.
Donations of cat toys, blankets, stainless steel bowls.
We honestly cannot continue without support, and that means money. We
support about 200 cats and feed many cat colonies around Durban. We
rescue on average 500 kittens a year. These cats would have no chance
if we had to close down. PLEASE HELP US!

Hugs and Kittens
084 455 5529