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April 21st 08, 05:10 AM
Do you love designer clothes? If yes, you are among the millions of
people that window shop in the 5th Avenue shops of New York or who
circle items within fashion magazines every month. Unfortunately, most
of us don't have the thousands of dollars needed to purchase each one
of these complete outfits that we are in love with. For an affordable
option to buy designer clothing, consider searching for used clothing
items in stores or online.


Many people that have designer clothes only wear the item once before
selling it or donating it to charity. Many consumers view their
clothing as disposable and several sell clothes that have not even
been worn. With this in mind, if you know where and how to shop, you
can find some great bargains on the designer clothes that you are
looking for in re-sale shops and online.

The quickest way to shop for designer bargains is to search online.
Popular online auction sites such as Ebay have entire sections devoted
to used clothing items for sale. The site separates the used clothing
by category, such as shirts, pants, coats and jackets, women's, men's
and children's. Within each category of used clothing, you will be
able to search specifically within the category, by price and from
when the bidding is ending. If there is a specific designer or name
brand that you are searching for, you can simply type that name in to
search the entire website for related items.

If you find items that you are not ready to bid on, you can watch them
to see what prices people are bidding at for that item. If the item is
within your price range, you can place a bid. Always keep in mind the
cost of shipping when you are bidding so that you are taking into
consideration the entire financial picture when you are making your
purchases. It is also recommended that you search the buyer's recent
feedback to get an overall picture of the quality of their listed

There is also an extensive list of online consignment shops that sell
designer used clothing. If you are more interested in searching for
specific items and purchasing them immediately instead of bidding for
them, this is a great option to consider. You can use your search
engine to locate "used clothing stores", "used clothing", "used
designer clothing" or simply type in "used" and the name brand of the
item that you are looking for. An extensive list of stores offering
that designer and anything similar will come up for you to browse.
When you are considering a purchase, be sure to evaluate the site's
shipping policy, their payment options (make sure that they are
secure), their recent feedback and their credibility before completing
the sale.

Searching online for designer used clothing is a great way to find the
clothes that you love at prices that you can afford. There is a great
chance that someone in the world is selling the exact item that you
are looking for.