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April 21st 08, 06:47 AM
American Workwear Setting New Trends Everyday

Celebrities go all out at the moment to shield their babies from the
press and protect their anonymity. You only have to look at the
extreme actions of Michael Jackson and his veiled children to see that
sometimes they can go to extremes. Now the veils are off, there is
more interest than ever before and going by their Caucasian
appearance, there has even been doubt cast upon their parentage.


Things haven't always been this way in the bizarre world of celebrity.
Indeed, with some Z list celebrities, it is very much the same as it
was in the past. Babies and toddlers are seen as an accessory to their
mums. Dressed head to toe in Burberry and looking distinctly
uncomfortable, you can't help but feel sorry for them.

Indeed, this attitude is not the sole domain of minor celebrities.
Take a walk around Basildon shopping centre and you will see mini-me's
all over the place. Children with t-shirts sporting provocative
slogans, mini-skirts and even thongs aimed at pre-teen children have
been very much slated by the middle class parent and child protection

Of course, every parent believes their child to be the cutest on earth
and wants them to draw the right sort of attention. Funny baby t-
shirts abound and are an innocent, fun way to bring a smile to
people's faces. This then has the added benefit of raising a baby
smile and so the chain continues.

We all know full well that babies are hard work. They cry, they smell,
they puke, they demand and they do all this on the minimal amount of
sleep - according to my daughter! However, see that baby smile and you
cannot stop your heart from melting, however tired you may be.
Wrap that cuteness in a funny baby t-shirt and often the most hardened
anti-baby old spinster will not fail to feel a maternal stirring.

A funny baby t-shirt can serve as a warning - 'sleep proof', 'small
but dangerous' and 'attention seeker' are just a few that can warn
friends and family in the vicinity of the current mood. These are
often saved for the boys with girls sporting funny baby t-shirts that
are more likely to make declarations such as 'world's cutest baby',
'simply adorable' and 'a star is born'.

My personal favourite in the arena of funny baby t-shirts right now is
the one which simply says 'me, me, me, me, me, me, me'. That pretty
much covers most babies' attitudes!

Uniquely funny baby t-shirts can be a good thing. It makes your child
much easier to spot in a crowded place and some companies will add
virtually any wording of your choice to baby wear.

It is important to bear in mind that personal names are never a good
idea when you think about the dreaded subject of stranger danger. If a
child feels a stranger knows their name they will immediately feel
more familiar and less on guard with them, thus putting them in harm's

So, when looking for baby wear with a difference, there is nothing
wrong with a little fun, just remember not to add any personal
details. A baby in a t-shirt with a fun slogan certainly looks better
than a child trussed up in a stiff denim jacket, mini skirt and
endless accessories. Child comfort does in no way have to be
compromised for style.

Today's mothers would do well to appreciate the fact that times have
moved on from smock dresses and nylon dungarees in the choice of baby
clothes that I remember!