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April 26th 08, 05:22 PM
Feet or No Feet

As with the head protection, you may decide to purchase disposable
coveralls with polyethylene that comes with foot safety gear or
without foot safety gear. There are many times when the feet simply do
not need that same level of safety. Or, as before, perhaps there is a
separate foot protection. There is generally an elastic band and/or
drawstring when you purchase disposable coveralls with polyethylene
that comes with that extra foot power. This is so a size 6 foot will
be able to wear the same safety gear as a person with a size 11 foot.

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Choosing these with or without the added level of safety to the feet
is going to depend on your need as well as company policy. There is
definitely a lot to consider before making this choice, and you should
consult with company policy as well as FDA regulations.

Elastic or No Elastic

Elastic is popular for people purchasing disposable coveralls with
polyethylene. The elastic makes it easier to fit the ensemble to the
person. Most often, you will find that elastic is around the waist,
wrists, or even the ankles. You get to choose whether you use elastic
or not, and exactly where the elastic will be located. This is
preferred for many people who purchase these disposable coveralls with
polyethylene that are too large. The elastic will allow for a better

Whether you choose elastic or choose no elastic, you will find that it
is a good idea to understand the benefits. There are many who prefer
elastic, but then again, some people have complained of elastic
pinching or bunching. What is your choice? What is your preference?

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