View Full Version : Looking for owners of pets with serious illness for a story (in NewYork City, please)

April 27th 08, 08:08 PM

Im a graduate student at Columbia Univ. Journalism School writing an
article about pets, particularly cats and dogs, who have serious

Im looking for pet owners whose either cats or dogs have either of
the following:
1. cancer or leukemia
2. diabetes
3. renal failure
4. kidney transplant

Id be interested in interviewing them about their experience with
their pets going through the difficult process, about the diagnosis,
the treatment and the cost incurred.
Id like to meet their pet with their permission. If possible, if
they are going to a vet visit between Apr. 26 and May 4, Id like to
come along and observe.

Im on a bit of a deadline, so, if you are interested, or if you know
of someone, please call me between Apr 26 and May 4.

My name is Zarina, e-mail:

Thank you!