View Full Version : If an animal has a solitary seizure

May 12th 08, 06:04 AM
If an animal has a solitary seizure, most veterinarians will advise
against expensive and time consuming tests for something that may
never happen again. If an animal has more than one seizure though,
tests are indicated.

A veterinarian will start by taking a detailed case history, focusing
on the description of the animals seizures, their frequency and
duration, and the animals behavior between seizures. Ideally the
seizure should be videotaped by the owner, and then shown to the
veterinarian. It is important to differentiate a proper seizure from
other causes of collapse such as an episode of syncope (where the
heart misses several beats), narcolepsy or weakness due to another
neurological problem (e.g. myasthenia gravis). Features of the
description which indicate a seizure are: