View Full Version : So You Think You’re Pregnant? A Brief Discussion Of Common Pregnancy Symptoms

May 14th 08, 01:42 PM
A baby begins life even before he is born – from conception until the
uterus finally pushes him out of his mother’s body. This is the
phenomenon we call pregnancy. It starts when the male sperm unites
with the female egg and develops into an embryo. While several women
say they can already detect pregnancy from the moment of conception,
some see the pregnancy symptoms much later.

As the woman’s body prepares itself for child-bearing, she will notice
several changes. The telltale signs of pregnancy include the

Absence of menstruation

This is usually the first sign of pregnancy. Take note, though, that
it should not always be linked with pregnancy symptoms, as missing
your monthly period can also mean some other kind of hormonal
imbalance or condition.

Morning sickness

It would be prudent to note that the pregnancy symptom called “morning
sickness” does not happen only in the mornings. This feeling of
dizziness can happen at any time of the day. The hormonal changes
occurring during pregnancy generally trigger bouts of nausea and
vomiting. Another related symptom would be constant tiredness, which a
possibly pregnant woman experiences even if no physical activity had
been performed (but, then, again, it could also be due to improper

Strong craving for certain foods

The cause of this pregnancy symptom is still undetermined. But
pregnant women have been infamous for requesting/demanding different
kinds of food, owing to uncontrollable