View Full Version : Epileptic fit and labrador retriever

May 19th 08, 03:32 PM
I have a solution that worked for us, which I thought I'd post as a
thank-you for the help this group gave me with my ginger cat and
exudative dermatitis problem. Hope it helps your pet too.


We have a 6 year old lab/retriever that has suffered from fits since
he was a pup. It starts with his head shaking and this sometimes
worsens to a full-blown fit where Zak becomes disoriented and
terrified after the attack. The head shaking would happen every
couple of days, but what we eventually established was that if we gave
him a piece of bread (or any food for that matter) the shaking would
stop. (Labs love their food!) Of course, we always feared that he
would learn that if he wanted a treat, all he had to do was shake his
head... <grin>

About four months ago, we started Zak on Omega3 (1g a day, in the
mornings with his food). After a few days the head-shaking and the
fits stopped completely - not a single recurrence. Now I am not a
vet, and I don't know if this will help other dogs with Epilepsy
problems. All I know is that it has helped Zak. And maybe he was a
borderline case.

Do let the group know if this works for your pet, since it would be
nice to know we have a real solution!