View Full Version : Isis Is Sick: Round 2

Cat Protector
May 27th 08, 09:49 PM
For those that were following the last thread, Isis was throwing up again
last night and this early morning as well. She also wasn't eating this
morning. I called our vet and he said it may be that she's gotten some
gastrointestinal issue or upset stomach because of the Amoxicillin. I've had
to confine her to the bathroom with a litterbox and water dish. The vet says
that if she throws up again then I can bring her in and have her re-checked.
She's going to be taken off the medication for a couple of days to see if
things return to normal. Her test results from her last visit are back and
she had no crystals in her urine, so it isn't a urinary tract infection. She
was obviously fighting something though.