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May 29th 08, 05:13 PM
http://cat-health.fantastic-galleries.net,There is really no easy way
to administer medicines to your cat. Cats are quick, and can easily
slip away from you, and hide. Try various methods, until you find one
that works for you and depending on the size of your cat.

1. Prepare the medicine you have to administer and place on top of a
paper towel, on the top of the kitchen counter so that you can grab it
quickly as soon as the cat's mouth opens.

2. Lift the cat and hold around with one arm, while using your hand
to open their mouth. The trick to open their mouth easily, is to use
your thumb and middle finger, and press into the corner of their
mouth. They instantly open their mouth, enabling you to give the cat
the medication.

* DO NOT squirt liquid medication into the cat's throat or tongue.
Liquids are likely to go down a cat's windpipe, making the cat choke.
For liquid medications, insert the dropper between the cat's cheek and
teeth. Then, stroke the cat's throat or blow sharply on its nose to
encourage the cat to swallow.

3. Administer thick gel like medications from a tube as for hairball
prevention, is easier done by one of two methods, or a combination of

* Place the required dose onto your finger, and insert your
finger into their mouth. They lick it off easily.
* If they resist, or leave some on your finger, just wipe
your finger with the gel onto their paws or
outside their mouth. They will wash their paws and mouth,
and digest the gel. This works great!!
* To give your cat a pill, crush the pill and mix it with
with cream cheese. Wipe the mixture onto the
cat's front leg. He will instantly lick it and therefore
consume his medication.


* Speed and sure aim help get the pill or dropper into the mouth
before there's time for stress or a fight. This is why it is best to
prepare the medications before you even pick up the cat.

* When giving a cat a tablet, it might be easier to first dip the
tablet in margarine. This practice will keep the pill from becoming
lodged in the throat. It will also encourage the cat to swallow the
tablet and can help cover up any unpleasant taste.

* To give a cat a pill, open their mouth as described above, quickly
pop in the pill, and close their mouth with your hand, while gently
blowing in their nose. This will cause your cat to swallow.

* When cats panic, they tend to back up. Use this to your advantage by
kneeling on the floor with the cat between your knees, facing away
from you. Doing this will make it easier to open the mouths of some
cats or get drops into their eyes and ears.

* To immobilized a cat while giving medication: Spread out a towel,
put the cat in the middle of a towel and wrap the cat up like a
burrito; leaving it's head sticking out.

* If giving liquid medication, to keep it from getting all over the
cat's fur make a hole in one corner of a paper towel and put the cat's
head through the hole, using the paper towel as a bib.

* Cats have a gap in the back of there row of teeth, with dropper
medicine, you can point the tip of the dropper into this gap to
instantly open its mouth to quickly administer medicine.

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