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June 1st 08, 07:43 PM
n1x5icbk wrote:

> Kidney is an important organ for a human.

Well, there is nothing wrong with my kidneys, but my 14 yo tomcat has a
problem. He has been diagnosed by the vet, and he (the vet) recommends less
protein. And of course, our cat, being a real cat, does not like potatoes,
or vegetables, ... we have found some nutrients which he accepts, if we mix
them with a good amount of protein... and then we hope that it works.

There may be another way: fat. He does like fat. I am not sure, however,
that that saves his kidneys. I seem to remember that dealing with fat is a
function of the liver/bile, so maybe that would be something he would eat
without damaging his kidneys. But, then, which fat? He doesn't like butter.
He is fond of herring (but that contains some salt, which is bad for his
kidneys). Is fat a good idea, and if so, can anyone give a suggestion?