View Full Version : Acevet for vet visit?

Riannon via CatKB.com
June 7th 08, 07:53 PM
My vet has recommended Acevet or valium be given before an appointment for
one of my cats who becomes hysterical whenever he is at clinic. I tried to
get blood drawn recently and he screamed (yes, screamed) and started biting.
We put a muzzle on him (which he loved of course!) but he kicked and thrashed
and screamed some more; I then told them to stop trying to draw the blood as
I felt bad about the stress he was going through - his little heart must have
been going about a mile a minute! I don't think I'm interested in using
Valium because I've heard it can affect the liver. Does anyone have any
experience with Acevet? Is it safe? I am concerned also that it could
affect the blood test results.

Thanks for any help,


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