View Full Version : Cat as Our Friend? Is it Possible?

June 13th 08, 05:27 AM
Love your cats. Its sound easy right? I believe it is as

simple as it is. When we love our cats, they definitely

will love us back. Don't you know that animals also know

how to love and be loved? The more we concern and caring

about them, the more they become tame to us. Having a cat

as a pet actually not really a bad idea. When we bored,

they can be our best friends. We can play with them, give

them eat, take a bath, take a walk together and so on.

From my perspective, cat really can give satisfaction to

me. Believed me or not, when i played with them, i felt

like all my tension and stress because of burdened of work

reduced. Anyway, the most satisfaction you will get is

when you know exactly how to train them to follow your

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