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June 13th 08, 01:13 PM
I'm in NYC so we don't have too much (animal) wildlife around, but I
have had possums visit the backyard. I knew we had raccoons and have
glimpsed them in the dark, but today was weird. There was some
screeching noise around 4:30 am which I've learned is raccoons. I
looked outside but didn't see them.

Once it got light, I glanced outside and saw a raccoon on my
neighbor's metal awning. These are attached (row) houses so I'm
looking down at it from only 15 feet away. There were two other
raccoons in the vicinity that I could see. The one on the awning was
walking around, coming to the edges but not going down. It looked
young and I think it just didn't know how to get down.

A little while later, it really is getting light out (5:30 ish)) and a
second raccoon climbs onto the awning. Apparently mom has come to show
how to get down. They were both up there for about 15 minutes, doing a
bit of grooming and something that looked like a submissive posture by
the youngin.

Finally, mom heads down the far side so I didn't see how she did it,
and a minute later the youngin follows. Next thing I see is that
they've climbed the fence between two yards and now the youngin can't
quite figure how to climb down that one either? But mom leads and both
head off to the corner of that yard, where I think they live under the

I have a crappy camera so I took some crappy photos. I hope this
works, I haven't use Flickr before:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

My three cats were all giving some sign of interest but it would fade
and they'd go back to watching birds.