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Bad Puppy
June 27th 08, 06:57 AM
HOWEDY shari,

"Shari" > wrote in message
> Last year we adopted a shelter dog, and paid extra for
> her to have her microchip set to our contact info.

Chipping dogs is ABSURD. Dogs DO NOT "get lost" from
their own HOWESES, they RUN HOWET on their ABUSERS.

Dogs and kats are TERRORTORIAL critters by NATURE, therefore
within the perimeter of their pupperty and DO NOT WANT to leave
their TERRORTORY unlsess of curse, they've been ABUSED.

Furthermore, chips tend to travel through the body as matt a.k.a.
Rocky can tell you. AND micro-chipping MAY CAUSE CANCER.

> I was under the impression that it was set permanently.

If your dog RUNS HOWET on you it's on accHOWENTA
you've ABUSED IT, shari. Not to worry HOWEver, I'm still
fixin to review your web blog an show you HOWE you've
abused your "RESCUE" dogs.

From: "Paul M. Cook" >
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 22:04:58 GMT

Subject: De-chipping cats

I had my cat Jack de-chipped. I am so glad I did, too. I have
the chip here and it is one mean looking thing. 1/2 inch long,
sharp end, piece of wire coming out of one end. This is not
something I would ever want in a living body.

I posted earlier about the cancer rates in chipped cats. I decided
to go for it. The surgery was trivial, the incision is 1 inch long, the
vet had no problem extracting it. The x-rays showed where the
device was.
I feel it was worth it for he peace of mind. I am just passing
my thoughts on. I will never chip an animal, ever.



Dr. Katherine Albrecht says microchip implants cause cancer

Dr. Katherine Albrecht claims that microchip implants,
such as those marketed by VeriChip, cause cancer.

Long-time VeriChip opponent Dr. Katherine Albrecht says
that microchip implants have induced cancer in laboratory
animals and dogs, and she feels her claim may spell the end
of VeriChip.

Apparently a series of research articles produced over more
than a decade showed that mice and rats injected with
glass-encapsulated RFID transponder implants developed
malignant, fast-growing, lethal cancers in 1% to 10% of cases.

The tumours were formed in the tissue around the microchips
and often grew all around the devices, the researchers said.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht first found out about the microchips
causing cancer possibility when she and her "Spychips"
co-author, Liz McIntyre, heard from a dog owner whose
companion animal had died due to a chip-induced malignant

Dr. Albrecht then discovered medical research that revealed a
link between microchip implants and cancer in other animals.

Research discovered further documents, several of which
had been published before VeriChip's parent company,
Applied Digital Solutions, had sought FDA approval to
market the implant for humans.

The VeriChip was subsequently approved in 2004 under the
guidance of the then Health and Human Services
Secretary Tommy Thompson.

VeriChip had the responsibility to bring the studies to their
attention, but VeriChip CEO Scott Silverman claims the
company didn't know about the research.

However, Dr. Katherine Albrecht was sceptical that VeriChip,
whose main business is microchip implants, were not aware of
studies in the published literature about the subject, and she
said: "Had the FDA known about the cancer link, they might
never have approved his company's product."

It has been reported that VeriChip has already chipped 90
Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers in Florida.
Employees in the Mexican Attorney General's Office,
workers in an American security firm, and club-goers in
Europe have also received microchip implants.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht urged people with the implants
to have them removed as soon as possible and she
added: "Why would anyone take the risk of a having
cancer chip in their arm?"

Dr. Katherine Albrecht is the director of CASPIAN (Consumers
Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering), and is
also a talk show host of "Uncovering the Truth" every weekday
on the We The People Radio Network.