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Bad Puppy
June 29th 08, 08:35 PM
HOWEDY katlat24, you pathtic miserable stinkin rotten
lyin dog an child abusin punk thug coward active acute
chronic life-long incurable malignant maliciHOWES

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>> http://www.knbc.com/family/16712239/detail.html
>> Unvaccinated 2 year old dog finds itself in impoundment
>> quarantine after getting loose and biting a woman. A shelter
>> worker made a mistake and euthanized the dog in quarantine.
>> Now the family cries about their loss, and how they are going
>> to explain this to their bereaved 2 year old son.
>> They comment this dog was the "sweetest thing"
>> Hell LADY!! Get a clue. If you cared about your
>> dog, you would have kept it safely contained.
> I used to think this too but (despite my best efforts) we used
> to have a beagle that we had a heck of a time containing.

Naaaah? Oh, you mean, YOU GOT THE SAME PROBLEM?:

"Our dogs are anti-social with strangers too but the difference is
that the most that would happen is they would nip - they aren't
going to kill something or someone," Kathy.


> There is an old black lab that I see on our road (surprised it
> hasn't been killed yet) about every 1-2 weeks. I'm not sure if
> he gets loose or they let him free at all times and he occasionally
> wanders down the owner's long driveway and off the property.
>> You would have vaccinated it, and it never
>> would have ever been impounded.

That's not necessarily true. Furthermore, vaccinations are
after the initial series.

> Absolutely. There is no excuse for not getting
> a dog vaccinated for rabies.

You mean, other than for the FACT that rabies
vaccinations last the life time of the dog and any
additional vaccinations are DETRIMENTAL?

> If you can't afford that you can't afford owning a dog.

Yeah. And if you can't afford an electronic shock fence
to CONtrain your dog you shouldn't own a dog.

> We even have low cost shot clinics once a year in our area to help.

Ain't that clever~!

> > It ain't a sweetheart if it bites somebody. How
>> much 'xplainin' does it take to a two year old kid?
> Depends on the kid.

So, you blame the KIDS for havin BAD MANNERS and
ABUSIN a dog who'd ATTACK them on accHOWENTA
IT IS AFRAID of bad mannered children?

THAT'S INSANE. AIN'T IT, katlat24.

>> Perhaps it should go like this. "Sorry son, I messed up as
>> an irresponsible dog owner, and lost your dog. Learn from
>> my dead brain acts, and don't go blaming others for being
>> almost as dumb as I am."

Well said. Have you read diddler's POSTED CASE HISTORY?

> There is plenty of blame to spread around in this situation, imo.

INDEED? And HOWE COME would spreadin the BLAME be THERAPUTIC, you dim witted
dog kat an child abusin mental case??

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From: "kat" >
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 17:01:34 -0400
Subject: Re: What is this little group about?

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> kat wrote:

>> You on the other hand would probably act like my next door
>> neighbors last night - when I called out to them about their
>> dogs killing my cat -

> I sorry about your cat. That must have been awful.

> Rupa

Thanks Rupa. It is very much on my mind at the moment as I
just found him last night after he had been missing since Wed.
night. Their two rottweilers killed him and it wasn't pretty.

He was just 4-5 months old - a stray that was living in our
carport when we moved here in the winter that we had to
coax out of there and into our house over a couple weeks time.

Once he was in our house you wouldn't know he was the same
cat. He purred all the time, slept right on your lap or body and
actually wrestled with the dogs like he was one of them.

Ultimately that is what killed him. I'm sure he thought the
neighbors dogs were going to play fight with him like our dog

When I found him I started yelling at them to come
out of the house and talk to me but they wouldn't.

I couldn't actually get to their house because it is surrounded
by a fence. I know there is nothing I can do about it because
our cat was on their property but I wanted to let them know that
I would kill their dogs in an instant if they ever attacked a child
or pet of mine and that I would sue their ass for everything they
owned if it was a family member.

I swear if I had seen those dogs attacking my cat I would have
shot those dogs even if they *were* on their own property and
gone to jail if I had to!


HOWE COME do you BLAME your neighbor for YOU
lettin your DEAD KAT wander into their yard? You know,
KATS CAN BE TRAINED to stay on their own terrortory
JUST LIKE HOWE dogs can be trained to, NEARLY

> Checks and balances should be put in place to make
> sure something like that never happens again.

Hey katlat24? Don't your own dog GOT THE SAME PROBLEM
for FEAR AGGRESSION, accordin to your own POSTED CASE

> Kathy

Well, perhaps you should spread the blame?

From: "kat" >
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 09:01:10 -0400
Subject: Re: What is this little group about?

> Too bad you can't sue.

I keep hoping that they (the dogs I mean ;) drown in their pond
out back - I know, that's a terrible thought but an honest one. They
would probably just go out and get more but if I could sue them
for every penny they owned. . . . . .


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Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 18:33:08 -0400

Subject: Re: What is this little group about?

"J alone" > wrote in message

> In article >, "kat"
> > writes in reply to Ghoulagirl:
> >>Too bad you can't sue.

> > Yep. I keep hoping that they (the dogs I mean ;) drown in their
> > pond out back - I know, that's a terrible thought but an honest one.
> > They would probably just go out and get more but if I could sue
> > them for every penny they owned. . . . . .

> >Kathy

> I'm not endorsing the concept, but you might want to look at this:

> http://www.dogbitelaw.com/PAGES/injury.html

Thanks J. I saved this for future reference (although I pray I never
have to use it). It is quite a comprehensive site (with links). I was
particularly interested in the section on researching a dog's past history
and picked up a few tips to use that I had not thought of.

Thanks again.

I forgot to mention that I also videotaped it. It was dusk Sat.
night and as I started videoptaping the battery ran out so I
grabbed the camera and made some pictures just in case they
disposed of him before Sunday. He was still there Sunday
morning so I videotaped it and then we got him out of there
and buried him.