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July 9th 08, 05:10 AM
my kitten won't stop trying to nurse me. i wake up in the middle of the night
to her meowing loudly in my face and trying to suck on any available flesh
like i'm her momma. she's gone after fingers, knuckles, i even woke up to her
trying to get at my toes. her ears go back and her eyes get all squinty and
she is determined. if i stop her, she just screams and meows. this goes on
for probably an hour until she falls asleep upset. i don't know how to stop
her! i pull her off and set her on the floor, and she's like a magnet! boom,
right back up there meowing in my face. has anyone ever seen this behavior?
i've had a lot of cats, and i've never seen such a weirdo. how do i get her
to stop needing that?

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July 10th 08, 05:10 AM
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Post this via a real newsserver (**** that KB crap) and maybe I'll answer