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July 12th 08, 09:59 PM
How I Made $30,000 In 30 Days with $11!
Is it really possible for you to make so much money so quickly? From
my 10
years of business training and practice, I thought this to be
when I came across Johns' article a month and a half ago. I won't
waste your
time and mine trying to convince you it's not a scam. I'm just going
to tell
the story the way it happened to me.
When it Rains.
At the end of September 2004, my wife stopped working due to heart
Conditions. I was bringing home $100 (after taxes) a week working
$6/hr. My wife brought home $200 working off the books, due to her
Residency. We rented a small room, sharing kitchen and bath for $160 a
I was hoping my wife would recover soon so she can supplement my
before we were evicted. A couple of days later her condition got
worse, she
had to be rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital for possible heart
surgery. I started praying for the both of us.
The following week I was let go from my telemarketing job. My friend,
just could not produce. I was burnt out! I couldn't take another call
another employer for measly peanuts! And still can't pay my rent.
The landlord called Thursday morning and said I would have to be out
room by
Sunday. And he doesn't want my money. I prayed for a miracle. I can't
go on
the street. I was in the process of working on my website to make some
for us.
A Wing and a Prayer.
I went on the message boards and newsgroups to see free advice. I
something to distract my mind from my problems. As I was going through
messages, I came across Johns' article.
He said by investing just $11 he made $50,000 IN 30 DAYS! From home,
would show me how to do it as well! Now me, being a student and
teacher of
copywriting and marketing said, @#$% No! THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE! This guy
scamming people.
The teacher in me said fraud, but the student in me was curious to
know what
words and phrases he would use to convince people he is not a fake.
The article said if I take $6 of the $11 and send $1 to each of the
emails on the first list (through PayPal), and $5 to the email at the
top of
the second list I can make this kind of money. Then I would need to
edit his
article by placing my email in the sixth slot of the first list and
third slot of the second, and post the article to at least 200
boards and/or newsgroups. Sit back, and wait to collect! There's no
Or great or even medium effort or expense needed to get started.
Could this article be the answer to my prayers? Was it legal? I called
U.S. Post Office (1-800-725-2161) to confirm. I explained his methods
to the
clerk. Checking it according to the rules and guidelines to chain
I had $33 left in my bank account. I had to get a weekly pass for $21
to get
back and forth to work. The $11 would wipe me out. But having
dealings with PayPal, I know there's no way anyone can get your money
through a scam. And the $11 will only last me for a day being
homeless. And
with only four days left, copy and pasting his article on 200 boards
groups is the best I can do before the two to three weeks it will take
wife to be discharged.
I sent $11 to PayPal. And distributed the money as instructed. I
the emails on the bottom of the lists with my own. As I proceeded to
the article with my email in the lists, I didn't have any faith in
what I
was doing. But I needed to try something, anything that can get us
out the
streets! So I blindly posted on.
This Is What Happened NEXT!
After storing some property at my sister-in-laws', I settled into the
homeless shelter. That first week I made $20. But John claimed he made
I knew this guy was a fraud! I didn't feel so bad about sending my
last $11.
Because I got a 198% return on my investment. I knew it would end
soon, so I
proceeded finding a telemarketing job all that week to put money in
pocket. A little is better than nothing. At the end of that second
week, I
went to the library to check my email and PayPal account.
There must be some MISTAKE!!! My balance was at $1,200. I was elated!
Because now I can move out the shelter! I immediately found a nice 1
and started my new and hated job. I thank God for that timely
because my wife was discharged Tuesday the following week. And I
didn't get
my first check until that Friday.
"And The Heavens Opened."
I made $109 after taxes for that first week. I went home to tell my
wife the
sad news. We're BROKE! I checked my email and PayPal. When I viewed
balance, I exploded up out the chair, sending my keyboard smashing to
I made $10,000 this week! Wow! What to do next. I went shopping
then came
home and bought two tickets to Trinidad. My wife's native land. She
the R & R.
We stayed a week visiting relatives and making new plans.
As soon as I got back to Brooklyn I checked my account. I didn't
much. At least by this time the wind done blew out my sail. When I saw
I had
$32,325 in my account, this time I got up calmly to avoid breaking my
keyboard. My wife was so excited she started jumping and screaming so
she went into a coughing fit.
That night we painted the town red. She said we need to tell others
story and teach them how to make this kind of money to help their
family as
it has helped ours.
I agreed and proceeded to write you this article. Everything in here
true. I used real time and places to give all skeptics the
opportunity to
investigate me.
Now that I've told you my story I will tell you step-by-step how you
can do
the same. You must follow my instructions to the letter and take out
necessary time and effort to post this article 200 times. What's most
important is our honesty and integrity. It will ensure that every
will be blessed on this email list and keep our postings legitimate
and long
lasting for all of us. Besides, you will recoup your initial
during your first week. That said, LETS MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!
1. $11.
2. PayPal business account. (It's FREE!).
3. Checking or saving account.
4. This article sent to 200+ newsgroups and/or message boards.
Step 1: Get a pen, paper and all banking info and go to
https://www.paypal.com and
open a business account. You can use your own name if you choose.
PayPal is 100% secure. And it is used by millions of people
PayPal assists people with online transactions just like a bank does
transactions. And the same security measures are in place and
Register your email address and bank account with PayPal.
Step 2: Click on the "SEND MONEY" tab and send $1 to each of the six
on the list below. Make the subject of the payment "EMAIL LIST". And
in the
Step 3: Remove the email in the #1 slot. Move all the emails up one
and place your email in slot #6. Add the email address you gave to
PayPal to
this slot.
Step 4: Click the "SEND MONEY" tab and send the remaining $5 to the
email at
the top of the second list. Attach a note saying, "ADD ME TO YOUR
Notify the email in the third slot of list #2 that you've joined by
"THANKS, I'VE JOINED!" Remove the email in position #1, move the other
and place your email in position #3.
Step 5: Copy and paste this letter in Microsoft Word or Word Pad and
it. It is your completely written article. Unless your story will turn
better than mine, then don't change it. To copy and paste: Put the
mouse at
the top left corner of this article. Hold down left click and drag it
till you highlight the complete article by turning the background
Press right click and select COPY. Point the mouse to the Word
document or
message board you want to paste it to. Right click, then select PASTE
transfer the article. Save or send it off. You will find the
35,000 message boards/newsgroups by typing these two words into
Yahoo, or any other search engine.
Well People this is my story and it can be yours. All you have to do
follow these five simple and easy steps to be on your way to becoming
financially independent.
Remember: Give to receive and you too will be blessed!