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July 25th 08, 06:35 AM
Do you want to lower your blood pressure fast - No Meds? Here's an
inexpensive $49 program (free shipping) that combines HANDGRIP ISOMETRICS
and PACED NATURAL BREATHING exercises for fastest results. Compare to Zona
PLUS tm and RESPeRATE tm .

manufactured by BPDown © http://www.bpdown.us a division of Security First

My name is Barry Shore. My wife Sybil and I developed the BPDown program.
Currently 69 years old, I have had high blood pressure since my early 30's.
Using medication for over 30 years my BP has mostly ranged between 140/80 to
180/90 and my pulse has been between 65 and 75. After just one usage of the
BPDown Program I was amazed at the substantial positive results. Since then
my BP readings have been predominantly between 115/55 to 129/79, pulse
between 50 and 60. I have yet to hear from anyone that did not significantly
reduce their blood pressure using the BPDown Program... and there are so
many other benefits.

There is now a preponderance of evidence that Isometric Handgrip Exercise
and Paced Deep Breathing will lower blood pressure. Read some of the

What's more, other companies have also developed Programs along these same
principles which are proven to lower and maintain healthy blood pressure.
For example: "Zona PLUS tm is clinically proven to lower both systolic and
diastolic blood pressure." and "RESPeRATE tm is a portable electronic device
that helps lower blood pressure naturally by enabling you to quickly harness
the power of paced breathing."

I don't mind telling you about my competition because their programs sell
for nearly $300 each, while our BPDown © Program costs only $49 with FREE

The BPDown © program even goes further. It combines both these methods into
one simultaneous Program. Calibrated and designed so most anybody can do it.
No fancy mechanics or electronics that can wear out or break. Squeeze,
breathe, and count, or just follow the instructions on our included CD. In a
few minutes a day, a few days a week, you can achieve immediate positive

Best of all, in spite of the simplicity and low cost, this is a powerful
Program. Using proven techniques it teaches you, over time, to naturally
take less than ten (10) breaths a minute, the clinically proven
recommendation, and simultaneously gently exercises your hands and grip to
make blood vessels more flexible, and improve blood vessel function.

While exercising to lower your blood pressure you'll be benefiting in
several other ways. STRENGTHENING your grip, wrists, and forearms through
the squeezing exercises... RELIEVING STRESS through the relaxation and paced
breathing techniques... and IMPROVING Cardiovascular — Nitric Oxide
production— and Antioxidant Production.

Take the First Step to Lowering and Controlling your Blood Pressure. Order
your BPDown Kit Right Now! You'll likely see positive results after your
very first usage and it will get even better over time. When your blood
pressure is satisfactory, and your hands, wrists, and whole body functions
are healthier and stronger, you will "thank the day" you decided to buy the
BPDown Program.

The © kit includes:

2 specially calibrated tension devices

printed instructions

instructional CD for paced isometrics and breathing exercises

printed sheets to record your BP readings.

ball point pen

The Tension Devices are so compact that you can carry them with you in your
jacket or purse wherever you go and just using our counting techniques, do
the exercises whenever convenient. You'll be amazed that you can lower blood
pressure fast with no meds.

To get more information and to order go to: http://www.bpdown.us