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July 29th 08, 06:00 AM
anyone know what im facing here, i was hoping to contemplate all aspects of
the choice i made today and im hoping for the best.

my 6 yr old male cat has an obstruction in his small intestine. the jejunum
region is what im told. Last week i though pancreatitus due to his
obstipation and violent vomitting.

last week the vomit was yellow and clear, foamy......about 5 days after it
started to smell SO strong like feces and turned a dark brownish/ dark green
color recently..i am hoping his insides are not necrotic...praying real hard.

been about 12-14 days since acute symptoms first started...we waited too long
and i must face the consequences in the morning. he might not make it im told.
50/50...so couple questions i have and i thank you in advance for any time
and effort helping me in this matter.

The ER did a ultra sound to confirm the foreighn matter....but my regular VET
is doing the surgery....

Would getting a copy of the ultrasound help my vet figure out "exactly" or
better find the obstruction?

How long is the jejunum part of the small intestine? what are the chances it
cannot be repaired? how long would it take for that whole part to go bad? my
cat is estimated 12-14 day obstruction and in pain.

What are the risks of Anesthesia? i heard ketamine they might not awake again
and can be due to allergic reaction or simple overdose..is there a safer
surgery anesthesia out there?

is this type of surgery common and what are the chances they botch the job
and my cat is dead because of their mess up. i said if things go bad to sow
him up so i can see him again but i got kinda a look....im so heart broken i
dont know where to turn. i extend a warm genuine thank you for anyone with
any ideas or thoughts i should think about...maybe i should suggest a smaller
pain/anesthetic dose so he wakes up....he was so weak for not eating in 10
days..the VET had him fasting for a few days thinking it was pancreatitus. so
im hoping this 1 nite of IV will give the strength to pull thru and wake up
and recover.

also his intestines are dilated and fluid filled and gas filled. is surgery
during this state risky?...im so worried and havent got much sleep in quite a
while. this is a nightmare for me and feel like so much cause i know its all
my fault and i waited too long for help...i will never forgive myself, these
are such sweet creatures it hurts my heart with a pain i cannot explain.

angel_eyes via CatKB.com
July 29th 08, 11:13 PM
well i found out what happened and i thank god for my persistence in solving
this matter.

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