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July 29th 08, 06:01 AM
Pancreatitus this is a collection of chicken scratch i no longer need, the
past 2 weeks i thought and my vet thought my 6 year old male had an acute
case...turned out to be not so. But the past few days i learned alot. But i
do caution as i found this info from the internet and just a jumble of info i
have gathered.

Causes the consensus seems to be unknown but an acute case in felines is most
certainly a possibility and i would truly begin with an ULTRASOUND to confirm
the diagnoses..also an fLIP blood test to confirm is a good idea in
conjunction with the ultrasound..a chronic case an ultrasound might not show
much so keep in mind.

These could be root causes and i have yet to look up a few of these words so
your on your own to interpret the meaning random order of "possible" ACUTE
causes below
Infections...Toxoplasma, FIP, Liver Fluke
Bile Dusct Obstruction secondary to biliary Calculi
Cholinesterase Insecticide Toxins
Sphincter Spasm
Parasite a result from IBD bacteria entering the pancreas.

I do believe some of these to pertain to a chronic condition as well. The
chronic syndrome is more common from what ive read but some causes could be
diet related from what ive learned.
Diet high fatty foods
High Protein and Phosphorous multiply the 2 and it should be not over 60 to
70 on the blood chemistry. if it is over be aware of a major issue of tissue

Treatment Battle Plan
well here is some things ive got jotted down during a frantic scare which
turned out to be not pancreatitus for my cat. But a deadly obstruction in his
intestines making him puke so much. But here are some things to consider for
a Pancreatitus case with your feline.

well, i guess cats have whats called a "sterile Pancreas" and during an acute
or even chronic flare up, the proper anti-biotic must be advised. An
Inappropriate anti-biotic administration could result in, anorexia,salivation,
vomitting. I heard an overall type anti-biotic is best. Keep in eye for toxic
changes in hemogram or unless febrile.

If indicated Pancreatitus here is some drugs i heard absorb into the organ
and should be discussed.

Enrofloxacin 5mg/kg or 12hr IV
Cefotaxime 25-50mg 8hr IV

For an acute case caught early..meaning the first 12hours of flare up. i read
that Dopamine can prevent severe hemorrhaging of the organ.

For a chronic case i would try Pancreatic Enzyme Supplements
-decrease abdominal pain
-inhibits pancreatic enzyme secretion
~the powdered form is most effective in feline. 1 teaspoon per meal

also for a chronic case i would try Vitamin E in the form of alpha-tocopherol
100-150 Iu daily for 1 month.
Or...Serum Cobalcumin by subcutaneous fluids 500 ug per week for 6 weeks.

Colloid support
-to enhance pancreatic perfusion
-can be supplied by
Hydroxyl Starch
High Molecular weight Dextran

Corticosteroids one vet frowned on the idea, while another would recommend it
Acute- for a feline in shock associated with fulminating pancreas
Chronic- a long term bases in cases usually with IBD.
Prednisone 10mg daily
Prednisolone more easily absorbed

Persistent Vomitting Antiemetic therepy ok to use along with IV therapy so
ive read.
Phenothiazine derived anti-emetic such as:
Metoclopramide prokenetic, continuous infusions 1-2mg/24hr

Abdominal Pain analgesic therapy

Gastric Mucosal Protection with H2 Blocker* is recommended for Acute cases
where gastric viability is compromised. i think that comes in IV form but not
quite sure. and while on the subject of IV i would opt for a PPN or TPN
nutritional program which has the nutes to prevent a fatty liver episode.
Hepatic Lipodosis i guess can develop concurrent with pancreatitus. Beware!

Getting into some more invasive methods would be surgery of course. They
could inspect the organ for inflammation but a biopsy is not a good idea from
what i understand. that could inflame the organ even more and cause further
problems. and ultrasound and flip test would be my route as stated.
-removal of free pertoneal fluid by abdominal lavage.
-surgical resection of the affected area.
-exploratory, is it localixed to one lobe of the gland?

Extreme Scenarios
Severe/Acute Pancreatitus
- is associated with marked consumption of plasma protese inhibitors as the
pancreatic protease are cleared from the circulation...in engish..i dunno...
but can be very BAD i guess.
-also watch for Saturation of available Alpha Macroglobulins. which are both
of the above mention followed by DIC, SHOCK, DEATH.
Remedy a.s.a.p transfusion of blood or plasma can be life saving.
ALSO would keep in mind septis shock,pertonitus meaning infection of
bactreria in the blood. Have a CBC blood test done and keep an eye on them
white blood cell levels.

An anorectic feline with symptoms of anemia must be addressed. Lethargy is
found in ALL cats with pancreatitus.

Myths its more common in dogs. Also a debate whether to feed or let the organ
rest a few days. No clinical trials have shown the benefit of resting the
organ and not eating. But the effects of fasting the cat for that long can be
a big mistake. I learned the hard way and my cat did NOT even have this. If
my cat makes it thru surgery i will have to help him relearn to eat proper.
and he got a case of fatty liver from the bad advice from my vet. The ER vet
said its controversial and force feeding can be hace devastating effects
during pancreatic flare up..i chose to give just a broth of baby food in a 95%
water mix...better than nothing. IMO..from learning first hand...fatty liver
is also a pretty bad condition.

Gratz i wanted to say thanks to people that share the info and their
experiences. I am new to all this because my KitterKat is on the surgery
table in the morning to get a pretty bad Obstruction removed from his small
intestine. he is a PICA cat so i knew it was our first gut feeling but the
vet Doc got me worried about this pancreatitus thing so i dove in deep to get
a better understanding of the condition and mainly its treatments. I hope
some info can be useful in getting he proper care for your beloved kitty and
if you have any thoughts or questions to help explore this matter further i
really do encourage us all to pull together and Cat-NIP this in the butt

My orange tabby is the tiger bear..very healthy big boned and strong, my kit
kat is the Lion, ever so regal and handsome. We are a pack that has a bond
that can never be broken. and tonite i pray that the sun will shine again for
my little bud thats waiten in the hospital for his brother, mommy and daddy
to bring him home to be with his family. glad to get this off my chest and
gripping onto hope harder than ever before and its tough. Please say a prayer
if you have read this far. i truly give all my heart and love to anyones
animal that is suffering out there. I would give it all for my best friend to
come home to us. i never realized how "time" really is truly precious. enjoy
what we are given and what we have.....