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July 31st 08, 06:17 PM
Recently, our family had a reunion outside my home state. It was a 5
day event and we were all so excited to attend. The only thing was
that I had no one to take care of my cat, Hobbes. I was really
worried about this because all our family was attending which meant
there was no one to stay with him while were away.

I went to the vet, RELUCTANTLY, because I knew their boarding cages
were -- well, you know -- small. The gods must've been looking after
us, though, because it turned out that Hobbes was able to stay in the
grooming room. Their groomer was out for a week which meant that room
was empty. So he got to stay in there with no dogs barking next to
him. They put a kitty bed in there along with the toys I brought.
When I picked him up, they said they loved having him there and told
me they petted and loved him. They were amazed that he liked to lay
on his back and have his tummy petted. Ah, yes...he's a lover that's
for sure!

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised with his experience.

Rene S.
July 31st 08, 07:09 PM
What a lucky boy! Sounds like a nice vet office to do that for him
(and you)!

August 1st 08, 02:11 AM
On Jul 31, 11:09*am, "Rene S." > wrote:
> What a lucky boy! Sounds like a nice vet office to do that for him
> (and you)!

Thanks! My vet office is really great. He's been a patient there for
14 years, so they know him really well. I brought them a small plant
as a thank you. It's nice to have good experiences at the vet