View Full Version : Tortle's brother Hailey now has kidney issues, too . . .

August 5th 08, 05:05 AM
and I'm not at all happy. He's never been very active, being a big, fluffy
couch potato but has been showing more disinclination to jump on anything
lately. He has also been losing some weight so off to the vet we went. The
vet took x-rays and found he has spondylosis in his spine, including one
long bone spur towards the base of his tail. She took some blood for lab
work, wanting to make sure he didn't have any kidney problems before
starting him on pain meds. He had heartworm when he was about two and had
elevated kidney values for a little while afterwards so that has always been
a concern. When the blood work came back his BUN was in the 60's and his
creatinine was 3.4 or so. Phosphorus is okay so far. So here we go
again--my vet is not starting him on fluids yet.

We are giving him Azodyl, Mirtazapine for his appetite, changing his diet to
whatever canned kidney food he'll eat, and trying out some Cosequin for his
back pain. So far, the Mirtazapine has worked wonders--he really seems
hungry for a change and has been more active; the Cosequin has been a
bomb--he threw up violently about half an hour after eating it mixed in with
his food.

Has anyone else had experience with Mirtazapine? It seems like a miracle
drug so far. Anything else we can use for pain control? With his kidneys
the vet is being quite cautious about pain meds. He's only ten--this really
sucks. I've lost two cats to kidney issues in the last 16 months and want
to do everything I can to help Hailey.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.