View Full Version : Moving To Guam - 2 cats need homes, Shingle Springs, CA

September 24th 08, 05:41 PM
I am moving to Guam which I feel is much too tough a trip to take
cats. I am leaving on October 21st. I had 4 cats (all rescues) and
have found homes for 2 of them. I still have Sheaky Pie and Midnight

Midnight is a 13 1/2 lb. black cat with a little white on his chest.
He is the boss of the neighborhood and needs to be able to go
outside. He likes to hunt. He is a 3 year old rescue from the El
Dorado Humane Society. Midnight is a sweat cat and relatively
obedient for a cat. He is the only cat I have ever had to pill.
Midnight is neutered, and chipped, and up to date on his shots as of
August, 2008.

Sneaky Pie is a small black and white cat (2 years old) and very shy
big humans that step on her precious parts. Her personality reflects
her feral ancestry. She is a rescue from a local feral cat colony
through my vet. She is spayed, chipped, and up to date on her shots
as of Sept, 08. Sneaky will probably adapt to an all indoor life.
She does enjoy going outdoors but I don't think she hunts.