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September 30th 08, 02:13 AM
i everyone,

I am writing this post because I am very confused as to what to do about my
very anxiety ridden cat. His name is Chirpy and he is about 1 1/2 yrs old. He
has an older male cat who is 2 1/2 yrs as his playmate. Just in the last
month he has been exhibiting some very strange behaviors. I attributed his
stress to our recent move and the fact that we are expecting our first baby.
Its gotten A LOT worse though in the past month. Since his adoption He has
always been very rambunctious and playful, always meowing but never in an
overly anxious way until now.

For instance if my fiance leaves the house he will run to the door and start
meowing and meowing and he won't stop, he will scratch at the door, Grunt,
moan, cough. He will not stop unless I go and pick him up and take him away
from the door. He also does this when we are both home, its never at a
certain time its whenever he feels like doing it. He will run up to the door
and start doing the same behavior. My other cat never does this at all. He
sleeps and hardly ever meows. He plays moderately with Chirpy but doesn't
instigate any aggressive behavior. Chirpy will also do things like when i
feed my cats wet food as a treat a few times a week he will not allow my
other cat to eat it. I noticed this and tried to let my other cat get in
there to get some but I had to hold chirpy still while the other cat ate.
Chirpy didn't try to bite me or scratch me but he batted my other cat away
from it as if the wet food was his food only. Chirpy also wakes me up early
to feed him and he eats my plants and tears them to shreds, we have tried
numerous things but nothing is working. Recently we tried using treats but it
seems to just make things worse. Chirpy also bites on a rare occasion when
he is feeling anxious. I try to sooth him by playing or holding him but it
seems that its only making it worse. I have no idea why he acts this way.

Chirpy is a rescue kitten and also suffers from FELV. He is in great health,
and seems to be a bit different than most cats but this recent behavior is
definitely mind boggling especially the moaning and meowing and scratching,
its become a real problem also the destroying of my plants it quite terrible.
I've tried cat grass as an alternative for him since he likes the greens so
much, I even give him his favorite treats of broccoli everynow but these
things don't seem to work either. I wonder if at times I almost spoil him to
much? is this possible? We are expecting our first baby in February and I am
worried that his behavior might get worse , like spraying or more aggression.
am i over reacting? I don't know. Its really driving me insane. Help help

Rene S.
September 30th 08, 04:00 PM
I have several observations:

1. How often do you play with him? He's at that "adolescent" age where
cats have tons of energy they need to get rid of. Several play times
per day are important to releasing that energy.

2. If Chirpy is trying to get the other cat's food, feed them in
separate rooms.

3. Move or hide all your plants.

4. Have you taken Chirpy to the vet recently for a check up?
Sometimes, there can be an underlying medical cause for anxiety.

5. If his medical checkup comes back clean, you might ask the vet
about anti-anxiety medications such as busbar. Now, don't get me
wrong, I'm NOT saying "go medicate your cat." This is something you
need to decide with your vet. One of our cats had anxiety issues to
the point of pulling his fur out, and we decided to use busbar. He's
become a much happier, more content cat. This may or may not work for
you--it's just something to think about.

September 30th 08, 04:54 PM
I'm in no way a cat expert, but I'm wondering: is he neutered?