View Full Version : Question for UK Cat "owners" - Pets at Home online orders

Dave Whiley
October 1st 08, 08:27 PM
As their helpline seems to have closed down for the night :-(

I've been trying to place an on-line order with Pets at Home. No
problems until I get to the checkout, where it tells me that the order
qualifies for free standard delivery (in other words, "we'll deliver it
at some random time, when we can be bothered!")

They offer a next-day delivery option, which sounds better. Except...
how do I select it? There's not a sign of a link or button for "select
next day delivery", and I've taken the order right up to, but not
including, the "confirm order" stage. I have no intention of placing an
order without knowing when it's going to turn up, so that's it for tonight.

So, if anyone has placed an order with them and chosen next day
delivery, could you let me know how it's done?

Thanks in advance,


not-me should be djw001 and there's no need for any wossname