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October 2nd 08, 05:09 PM
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> > Our 11 year old cat has arthritis in her knees and a bit in her spine.
> > She has been doing very well on Cosequin and can still jump up on the
> > bed and even runs a little sometimes but I can tell her knees bother
> > her because she walks with her hind feet a little forward, hunching
> > her spine. Even our vet noticed this but he said he doesn't want to
> > use pain medication unless it gets worse due to possible side effects.
> > I recently noticed by looking at some pictures from her from a few
> > years ago that her hind legs are also thinner than they were, due, I
> > assume, to muscle atrophy. Can anything be done for that? Would fish
> > oil or some other supplement help? Acupuncture?
> > Thanks-
> > yngver
> Omega-3s should help reduce inflammation- just make sure you use an Omega-3
> supplement that's balanced with vit. E.
> Phil

Thanks, Phil. I have looked but haven't found the required amount of
vit. E to balance the Omega-3. I was thinking of offering our cat the
EFA Krill Oil that I take myself but that only has a small amount of
Vitamin E This brand of krill oil definitely helps my own bad knee,

EFA Gold Krill Oil

Vitamin A 100IU
Vitamin E .5IU
Neptune Krill Oil 1g
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 300mg
EPA 150mg
DHA 90mg
Phospholipids 400mg
Omega-9 Fatty Acids 85mg
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 20mg
Astaxanthin 1.5mg

I haven't tried it yet so I don't even know whether she will eat it,
but in the past she has occasionally been willing to lick up some oil
from a regular fish oil capsule.