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October 5th 08, 01:23 AM
I want to tell the problem I am going through right now with 2of my
I have a 15yrs cat her name is Moni she has a beautifull M on her
My 10yrs old cat is Lucky she was a kitty when I got her from the
My 8 Yrs old cat is Blackie she is all black with orange hair, the 3
are gorgeous.

My problem started about 2 weeks ago when Lucky started to hiss and
jump on blackie almost as if she wants to hurt her, the little one
screams as if she is in pain.

I've yelled at her and this has seemed to make her stop when I am
around, but not tonight she even came after me...what should I do?

October 6th 08, 01:32 AM
and what's Moni doing when all this is going on?????

Rene S.
October 6th 08, 04:37 PM
It sounds like something happened to cause Lucky to mis-direct his
aggression on Moni. Has anything changed in the household (new job,
new family member, moving, etc.)? It's also possible that Lucky saw an
animal through the window, got upset, and Moni was the first thing she
saw, so she attacked her instead.

Please keep the two separate for now. Get a Feliway diffuser and plug
it in. After a few days, slowly let them see each other again. Take it
slowly, and don't force them.