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October 10th 08, 02:55 AM
On Oct 9, 6:43*pm, Marsha > wrote:
> OhioGuy wrote:
> > * My wife is saying she would like to get them fixed. *About 8 years
> > ago, I got my cat fixed for $35, and now it is $55 at a local shelter.
> $55.00 for spay and/or neuter? *They can't all be females.
> Marsha/Ohio

I read in the metro DC area they have fix and release programs. Don't
remember if they are free or not and it may be one weekend a month.
They fix them and than clip a bit of their ear to ID they're fixed.
They may have something similar near you. Don't know if it's worth it
for you to make a trip to DC.