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Dan M
October 24th 08, 02:43 PM
<trimming all but 2 groups>

> Keep on the lookout for tapeworm segments. The cat could get a tapeworm
> if it ingests rodents or fleas. I had a cat years ago who used to throw
> up whenever she had a tapeworm. In her case that was the only noticeable
> symptom as her fecal exam came back negative. She had to barf up a worm
> before the vet would prescribe Drontal for her.
> W

I was going to suggest that too.

Welshdog, I'll also second Gandalf's other suggestion. Do you have access
to another vet, or is there only the one in your area? From your previous
experiences I'd guess that he's maybe not your best choice. I know out
here we're very fortunate - we live in farm country but we have two vets
within a reasonable distance who do only small animals. Can be hard to
find anything other than a large-animal vet in some parts of the US and
Canada, and I would likewise imagine in the UK and Oz.