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October 25th 08, 04:18 PM
We need a humourous car bumper sticker to help raise awareness of our
new product.

It is a new kind of cat flap that lets the owners cats in but keeps
neighbourhood bully cats and stray cats out.

The new thing about it is that it works with the cats pre-existing
microchip implant so that no special collar or collar attachment is

There is also an automatic light level sensor that can lock the door
at night and unlock it automatically in the morning.

The cat flap improves the owners cat's life because it stops them
being bullied or attacked in their own home and prevents other cats
getting in, stealing their cats food, spraying urine up the walls, or
causing damage to the furniture and curtains etc.

If you can think of a snappy slogan that would help to advertise this
product that will also make people smile then enter this contest!

Simply reply to the thread in uk.rec.competitions with your entries.

The winner will be selected on Wednesday 29th October so hurry. There
isn't much time to get your entry in. The winner will receive 20 paid
through PayPal. The winner agrees to transfer copyright ownership of
the slogan to Microchip Cat Flaps Ltd.

For more details please visit http://www.MicrochipCatFlaps.co.uk/

Good luck!