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October 28th 08, 05:02 PM
On Oct 23, 4:06*pm, Welsh Dog > wrote:
> I've had a little female cat since she was a kitten. She was feral and
> abandoned under a bush by her mother so we took her in, bathed her to
> kill off the fleas and had her spayed... that was 4 years ago.
> She's not exactly 'friendly' most of the time, preferring to come and
> go as she pleases tho *is* friendly with my 12 year old daughter,
> allowing only her to carry her, and sleeping on her bed during the
> day.
> After a few years insisting on only eating 'Whiskas, we tried her on
> Purina dry food which she really took to and refuses to eat anything
> else we give her (tho is till partial to birds lizards, mice etc she
> catches herself). She has fresh water available of course but
> otherwise that's all we give her.
> Problem is that she has taken to regularly throwing up... often just
> after eating. This might not be as bad as it sounds since our dogs
> clean up after her... except of course unless she has something wrong
> with her.
> She doesn't throw up after *every* meal... maybe once a week or so...
> but it's still a concern and we're wondering what we should do about
> it - if anything. Other than this occasional problem... and forgetting
> she's 'house trained' now and then... she's pretty much a healthy
> animal, if skittish.
> Should we be worried??
> Welshdog
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> Not as strange as it looks!

You should probably discuss this with a vet.

I am wondering . . . does she have hair balls? That would make a cat