View Full Version : Google's Ruptured Eardrum

November 1st 08, 10:07 PM
My poor kitten, Google, who we found in our yard on 9/17 has a
ruptured eardrum. When we first got him, he had earmites and was
treated with ivermectin. Because we have 2 indoor cats already, I've
had him tested twice for feline leukemia, both times negative. He's
had all his vaccines and boosters since he was exposed to several
outdoor cats that we also feed before he came in.

Anyway, today I noticed one of his ears was all crusty and was worried
that his earmites had never been totally cured and worried that my
other 2 cats might get them so I called the vet at 12:30--they close
at 2 on Saturday--but I was able to get him in, fortunately. He had a
bunch of pus in his ear and a ruptured eardrum. He now has oral
antibiotics and ear drops to take. The vet said he didn't know what
caused it.

Google and my other male cat, Marbles, play kind of rough and Google
is very, very active. The other day while we were at work, he (and
maybe Marbles) knocked a heavy speaker off a stand about 5 feet high
as well as a guitar and several other things. This was about Tuesday,
I think, so maybe he got hit with one of the falling objects? Or maybe
Marbles and he played too rough? Maybe my other cat, Abbey, smacked
him in the head hard? She pretty much leaves him alone but if he
torments her, which he does sometimes, I've seen her smack him.

I can't find anything on the internet that really says what the causes
are. The vet said probably an injury of some sort. Strange. He has
acted totally normal and I haven't seen him scratching his ear or
shaking his head or anything unusual.