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Cat Protector
November 3rd 08, 10:23 PM
Isis For President Campaign Makes Final Push For Votes

November 2nd, 2008
Phoenix, AZ---

While Senators Barack Obama & John McCain make their final preparations for
election day, the Isis for President campaign went on the air again Saturday
to convince voters that the humans have done enough to destroy our country
and that it's time for a cat to turn our country in the right direction.
Some humans have responded that they don't like Obama or McCain and that
Isis is probably a more logical choice. Isis is running as a Write-in
candidate for President.

"We've heard from some humans that said they're tired of the circus that
Senators Obama and McCain have turned this election into. If either of them
wins the election our country loses something. With Obama you get someone
that our country doesn't know anything about and has absolutely no
experience to be it's next leader. With McCain you get a name you know but
doesn't have any real connection with the people. By voting for Isis you get
someone that has a lifetime of experience and isn't swayed or motivated by
greed," said Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy and also the Isis For President
campaign manager.

Already, Isis supporters have cast their early ballots or intend to vote for
her on Tuesday. Cat lovers from around the country have also voiced their
support for the cat campaign.

"This is the best choice. Get rid of the other two," said Karen Simmers from
Arizona who made her voice clear that Isis is the right candidate to get the
job done.

Another voter Cindy Lewis from Indiana has also stood up and cheered when
she heard that Isis and her running mate Icarus were running for President
and Vice President.

"Here here! Humans have ruined this country! Let the felines have it," she

Meanwhile, Cat Galaxy which has publicly endorsed Isis and Icarus has said
they'll attempt to make the final push for voters on their Morning Meows and
Meow Mixing Monday broadcasts and that hopefully the cat community will

"It's time to take our country back and put a cat in the White House. Isis's
supporters have made that pretty clear but we want them to get out and vote
for her on Tuesday if they haven't already cast their early ballots," Rosen

For more information about the Isis For President campaign visit their web
site at www.isisforpresident.com.